User Experience Consulting Apprenticeship Program

As a senior UX professional and instructor, I’m passionate about mentoring others in their UX journey. The UX Consultant Apprenticeship Program is to help fill the gap between organisations looking for experienced UX researchers and designers, and junior UXers looking for experience. 

For junior designers

Work with me on a real project delivering for a company or agency to gain experience and confidence. I help by directing the work and activities, reviewing deliverables, and mentoring the soft skills of UX consulting.

For agencies and organisations

Hire and assess a junior designer to deliver a project or start work in a probationary period with the confidence of a senior, experience consulting overseeing the delivery. You’ll get a fully trained designer to fill a full time or contract role that now has experience with your organisation. You can choose to hire the apprentice without the usual commitment or risk of a junior employee.

Please contact me to apply as an apprentice or organisation.