My client had recently launched a home loan reference tool and online application form, and wanted to increase engagement, adoption, and conversion. I led the research project at Objective Experience and delivered a report including wireframes of design recommendations.


Understand context of the home financing journey, where and why users drop off of the approval in principle (AIP) application process, and validate effectiveness of specific features within the tool


  • Worked with internal team to recruit customers and prospective customers who had completed various stages of the home loan research and application stage within the home loan tool
  • Designed a contextual interview discussion guide to understand the journey in the tool, in the branch, and via phone to the service hub in the lifecycle of the application
  • Usability Testing to understand how participants interactive with the tool’s features, including onboarding, property management, and application submission
  • Conducted 20 remote interview sessions with contextual and usability feedback


The home loan and Customer Service teams were provided the following:
  • Insights into the full application flow and reasons for exits
  • Opportunities for improving user visibility into a complex application process
  • Contextual analysis of omni-channel experience from the tool to the phone support and branch service
  • Understanding of issues in overall experience and perception
  • Design and experience recommendations for future features