While working at Tquila ANZ, the directors identified an opportunity to improve our sales rates from leads coming from the website and from Salesforce reps. The feedback was that because we were new, potential clients didn’t know us and follow up materials and conversations didn’t help to clarify. I recommended a branding strategy to define and specify who were are and what our purpose and mission is as a company.


Build a brand strategy to align internal and external communications
Implement the strategy with a consistent message across multiple client touchpoints
Give employees a better sense of purpose and mission


  • Attended branding webinars to determine best approach to building brand workshops
  • Led brand building workshops with Tquila ANZ directors, CEO and COO
  • Gathered input from consultants at various other levels
  • Build brand strategy document with rounds reviews and revisions with senior leaders
  • Created brand messaging strategy to apply the message
  • Redesigned and developed the website in Squarespace
  • Developed content to align with the brand messaging strategy for our services, approach, and case studies,


The brand strategy was adopted and integrated to sales and marketing materials. The website redesign including more concise and informative content help to build leads and close sales.

See the completed site at

Sample Deliverables